5 X Paula

A mini-documentary series about Paula Vesala

1Store's mini-documentary series explores the different roles of Paula Vesala, originally known as a singer, as an artist, musician, screenwriter, actress, entrepreneur and influencer.

Vesala was noticed in the early 2000s by the band PMMP. Vesala, who has since moved on to a solo career, is undoubtedly one of Finland's most talented artists, working in the fields of music, theater and film.

The documentary series, published on the 1Store website and on social media, takes a peek behind the scenes and listens Paula’s thoughts on her various roles. How are Paula's songs born? How did she become an influencer? What makes her live performances so fascinating?

The videos are in Finnish


Part 5: Influencer



Part 4: Entrepreneur

Part 3: Actress

Part 2: Artist

Part 1: Songwriter