1Store TradeUp



1Store TradeUp is an easy and smart way to replace your old device with new affordably - and in an environmentally friendly way.

Then bring your old device to the 1Store shop. Together we check the condition of the device and accessories and register the 1Store TradeUp.


  • Use the calculator below to easily check the value of your old device (give the serial number, IMEI code, or your device name).

  • The evaluation only takes a moment and is free of charge. We will refund the device depending on its model and condition. The value for an old device typically ranges from 20 euros to over 1,000 euros.

    The person must be at least 18 years old. The credited value can be used for any purchase at 1Store stores. The credit cannot be redeemed in cash or as a gift card. The data contained in the old device will be securely deleted.

    • For products less than 6 months old, a copy of the original purchase receipt must be presented (Consumer Agency guidelines)
    • A serial number is always required to provide an estimate for an Apple device
    • The equipment to be reimbursed may not exceed 5 years of age
    • The original charger of the device must be included - its lack reduces the credit price
    • The original packaging should be included - its lack reduces the rebate price


Please enter the serial number, IMEI code, or device name (e.g. iPhone 11 Pro) and the estimate of the exchange value will be given to you.